the idea

Creating products and services that everyone can afford and which simplifies the everyday lives of the ordinary individual has always been a red thread to us. This time also.

We have talked about building residential neighborhoods but not until now it came to us HOW TO DO IT. Everything suddenly became very obvious.

The idea is that in a relatively short space of time, we can construct similar mini-villas in 2 floors across the country. The mini-villas are in a standard version with all the amenities that a larger residence has.
The villas look the same and the contents are the same in all of them. This type of new construction allows us to offer you a very own house at a pricelevel that has not been possible before.

We build our neighborhoods depending on how the land we buy and are offered looks like.
The neighborhood is always in or close to a city. It's a great importance to us that there are good communications in connection to our neighborhoods.