our vision

That the residence queues are huge is a well-known fact for everyone. It's built a lot but the prices are sky high. Due to the huge lack of residences, the prices for existing apartments and villas have increased and continues to do so witch leads to prices a few people can afford.

We do the opposite, we lower the prices and increase the residential standards.

Our vision is to offer exclusive mini-villas for outstanding prices.
We build complete neighborhoods with 2-floor mini-villas, specially designed by us.
A mini-villa from us contains all the important interior as a bigger house but at a completely different price level. Our prices are fixed without bidding wars.

Every single individual, regardless of status in society, can afford to own his own accommodation in the form of a mini-villa from Karlsson Residence.

You now have the chance, thanks to this residential innovation, to live in a private house with a nice patio, joint areas and private parking for an outstanding price.